The term superfood is a fairly new term of referring to foods that offer maximal nutritional benefit for a relatively lower caloric impact. Superfoods are often loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which in turn, will help boost your immune system. You will mostly find fruits and vegetables on top of the superfood lists, but they can actually be found in most aisles of the supermarket with a variety of costs.


Shop wisely and with a bit of understanding and you can find superfoods to boost your immune system without breaking the bank.





One of the best-known nuts, these are high in healthy unsaturated fats, protein and fibre. These heart friendly nuts are easy additions to your daily nutritional intake and can be used in thousands of different recipes. Almonds are heart friendly, rich in vitamin E, magnesium and iron. Make sure you grab the plain version so you can ensure that you are having the lowest amount of healthy calories (you don’t need them hone-roasted!).





Widely regarded and know as one of the healthiest fish going around, salmon is definitely one of the superfoods to boost your immune system. Loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, this cold-water fish can lower cholesterol, improve your skin and may protect you from age related eye disease. This is another nutritional option that can be consumed any time of day and in a wide variety of recipes. Our personal favourite? Oven-baked with a few wedges of lemon.





Blueberries are full of antioxidants, vitamins and fibre. They are lower in sugar than most other fruits and can be a great complement to just about any meal that you are having. They bake very well and can also be used frozen in smoothies. You can enjoy a serving of blueberries for just 84 calories which is certainly a win when you consider how sweet they can be.





For far too long have we been led to believe that all fat are bad. The opposite of which is the actual truth. Avocado is a great example of how good fats can benefit the human body and is definitely one of the superfoods we should be eating to boost our immune system. Avocado has been shown to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and contribute nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. This is a great substitute for those who like to have butter on their toast and would like something a little healthier.



Sweet Potatoes


Another example of how we have been led to believe that because it has the word ‘potato’ in it, that we should not be having it. Sweet potato is a potato, but it is nowhere near the same as its counterparts. They are full of fibre, vitamin A, potassium, and vitamin B6. They can help insulin metabolism, boost your energy and keep you feeling hungry. All this goodness can get undone with how they are prepared, so make sure you are not frying them or adding cream to make a mash and you will be staying on the right path.





Beans are definitely part of the group of superfoods that will boost your immune system. Usually found in the centre of the supermarket in the canned goods section. Beans are one of the most neglected and underused of the superfoods but they should not be. They are rich in fibre, will help regulate the digestive tract, lower triglyceride levels and will help you maintain that ‘full not bloated’ feeling. On average they are around 125 calories per half cup, so you can add them to any salad or meat sauce and know that you are getting 15% of your daily value for plant protein and 25% of your daily value in fibre.



Ensuring that you are incorporating the above superfoods into your daily nutritional plan will give a big boost to your immune system. Make sure that you are educating yourself constantly to allow for a healthy and well-balanced life, it is amazing what you can find in the supermarket when you move away from the old favourites!


Since COVID-19 entered our lives, we have aimed to deliver some great weekly information as to how you can remain healthy, productive and in good spirits. This blog post is the latest addition to a growing library of information.


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