Success Stories

Real people achieving real results

Quin – Goal Specific Training Helps!

Stuart – Lightest In 25 Years

Kate – My Hip Has Never Been Better!

Georgia – Fitter Than Ever Before

Paul & Holly – Combined Loss of 30kg

John Burns

10kg fat loss in 12 months*

With a great support network, turning your health and fitness into a lifestyle is much easier. Thanks Authentic PT for your help.

Julie Buchanan

20kg fat loss in 12 months*

No matter how you look at it, losing 20kg is hard. The team at Authentic PT make hard work fun – and that somehow made losing the 20kg easier.

Kerry McGregor

Over 12kg lost in 12 months*

After what seemed like months of not losing weight, I was ready to give up; but my trainer and the team at Authentic PT weren’t. That made all the difference. Thanks Authentic PT – sometimes it takes a village!

Quin O’Neill

10kg weight loss in 6 months*

Outstanding service not only to clients but to the community. I have been a member for 2+ years and feel terrific inside and out. Thanks for genuine honest fitness support  Authentic PT.

Stuart Knight

20kg total weight loss in 12 months*

The dedication, and encouragement provided by the Authentic Team have been paramount to the success of my journey to a healthier lifestyle and weight management goals. With their ongoing support (and friendly banter) they have made what I thought impossible, possible.

Quinton Ng

8kg muscle gain in 12 months

A big thanks to the Authentic team for helping me achieve my health and fitness goals. I am now stronger than ever!

Sam Wilson

10km Run At 72 Years Old

A big thanks to the team at Authentic Personal Training for their support and motivation towards my daily goals and training

Norelle Hentschel

Ran Her First Marathon!

As a lifelong runner, one of the my biggest goals was to complete a marathon. Thanks to the a professional tailored training program plus bucketloads of encouragement and support from the APT team I crossed the finish line stronger and in better shape than I had been in years.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary dependent on specific goal and lifestyle factors.

Our happy members

Divya RooneyDivya Rooney

Strongly recommend this gym. Have been a member for almost 10 months. The trainers are professional, competent, thoughtful, and flexible. I have absolutely loved my personal training experience. Gym is a community with genuine concern for members. There is ongoing support and motivation. Success of members is continually recognised and celebrated. Wonderful environment that is inclusive, warm, and fun!

Shirley TyackShirley Tyack

From the very beginning I felt at home at Authentic Personal Training - not only are all the personal trainers very friendly, welcoming and caring , the members go out of their way to make you feel part of a big happy team. Therefore, working out there is like catching up with friends. The trainers are sensitive and attentive to your individual goals but are not afraid to nudge you along gently to keep you on track and encourage you to maximize your involvement - a very personalized service within a great family atmosphere.

Diane GrantDiane Grant

Great place with happy and friendly trainers that DO NOT use a cookie cutter approach where 1 plan fits all. They actually listen to you and your goals and work on a plan to actually get there. They are the best!


Having never been to a gym/trainer before, I was super nervous, not knowing what to expect (And hoping not to look like an egg). Alec, Holly, Michael and team have made it such an enjoyable experience. I never thought I would enjoy exercise, but I really look forward to my training sessions and classes, and am super happy with my progress so far. Highly recommend!

hayley olssonhayley olsson

Excellent training, wonderful gym, friendly and supportive community. ATP are committed to their clients and results with a program that is specially catered to each individual. Loving it!!

Hayley OlssonHayley Olsson

Brilliant gym! Great people, excellent workouts and best of all actual results.

Kayla-Maree HancockKayla-Maree Hancock

Authentic Personal Training has helped me achieve my goals by giving me a friendly, personalised and flexible space to train. Alec, Michael and the team make me accountable for my own success at the same time as giving me the level of support I want. If you are looking for a gym with great small group classes, facilities and one on one sessions this is it.

Cameron BrodieCameron Brodie

Authentic Personal Training is an amazing Personal Training studio that is very interpersonal and focuses on members as individuals providing honest feedback and tailor making programs to help promote lifestyle changes.

Melissa SmithMelissa Smith

Absolutely the best gym I’ve ever had the pleasure of joining!!! Alec and the PT team have created a such an inclusive and friendly environment, that inspires me to keep going with my training whereas in the past I would have given up... Shout out to my PT Nick for creating a tough but personalised workout which really hurts (in a good way) 😊😊

John Bindlechner-WiganJohn Bindlechner-Wigan

I've been training with the team at Authentic for over a year now. From Day 1 Alec has made sure my programs are tailored, goal focused and enjoyable. When ever you walk in the whole team make the effort to make you feel welcome. Every success is celebrated by the whole gym. Authentic is a studio with the gruff attitude of other gyms. Thank you, Authentic

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