Success Stories

Real people achieving real results

Quin – Goal Specific Training Helps!

Stuart – Lightest In 25 Years

Kate – My Hip Has Never Been Better!

Georgia – Fitter Than Ever Before

Paul & Holly – Combined Loss of 30kg

John Burns

10kg fat loss in 12 months*

With a great support network, turning your health and fitness into a lifestyle is much easier. Thanks Authentic PT for your help and for turning me into one of your weight loss success stories!

Julie Buchanan

20kg fat loss in 12 months*

No matter how you look at it, losing 20kg is hard. The team at Authentic PT make hard work fun – and that somehow made losing the 20kg easier.

Kerry McGregor

Over 12kg lost in 12 months*

After what seemed like months of not losing weight, I was ready to give up; but my trainer and the team at Authentic PT weren’t. That made all the difference. Thanks Authentic PT – sometimes it takes a village!

Quin O’Neill

10kg weight loss in 6 months*

Outstanding service not only to clients but to the community. I have been a member for 2+ years and feel terrific inside and out. Thanks for genuine honest fitness support  Authentic PT.

Stuart Knight

20kg total weight loss in 12 months*

The dedication, and encouragement provided by the Authentic Team have been paramount to the success of my journey to a healthier lifestyle and weight management goals. With their ongoing support (and friendly banter) they have made what I thought impossible, possible.

Quinton Ng

8kg muscle gain in 12 months

A big thanks to the Authentic team for helping me achieve my health and fitness goals. I am now stronger than ever! I am not one of your typical weight loss success stories, but I feel so great achieving my muscle gain goals.

Sam Wilson

-10kg & 10km Run At 72 Years Old

A big thanks to the team at Authentic Personal Training for their support and motivation towards my daily goals and training. If I can be one of these weight loss success stories, anyone can!

Norelle Hentschel

Ran Her First Marathon!

As a lifelong runner, one of the my biggest goals was to complete a marathon. Thanks to the a professional tailored training program plus bucketloads of encouragement and support from the APT team I crossed the finish line stronger and in better shape than I had been in years.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary dependent on specific goal and lifestyle factors.

Our happy members

Sasha SmithSasha Smith

Authentic Personal Training is an amazing health & fitness offering. After spending a number of years training in large franchise style gyms it has been so nice to experience a community based gym and service. Sarah is an exceptional Personal Trainer - warm & friendly together with excellent knowledge in fitness & training to help me achieve my health goals. Terrific guidance and coaching and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommend.

Lorraine LythallLorraine Lythall

Joining Authentic Personal Training has been a game-changer for me. I sought a personalised experience post-injury, and it has been a blessing that my awesome trainer (Matt) is understanding and responsive by tailoring my personal training workouts to aid my recovery. The entire team of trainers is not just knowledgeable, but also incredibly supportive - guiding and assisting me every step of the way through the group classes. Beyond the exceptional trainers, the sense of community here is unparalleled. The camaraderie and encouragement from fellow members create a motivating atmosphere that – 10 months later – keeps me coming back for more. Also, the accessibility of the studio makes it easy for me to stick to my fitness routine. I highly recommend Authentic Personal Training to anyone looking for a welcoming environment to achieve their health and fitness goals!

Rachel HaywoodRachel Haywood

APT has a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. My awesome trainer Helen is knowledgeable and very supportive. I am thrilled with the improvement in my health and fitness. I have lost weight and improved strength and cardio fitness.

Marissa TilleyMarissa Tilley

I've been going to APT for about a year now, originally looking for a personalised program after a couple of injuries.

The trainers are great (shoutout to Sarah), providing support and motivation that has helped me achieve my fitness goals. I am also attending a weekly running group and can now run over 10km. What sets APT apart is the welcoming community atmosphere. It's a solid choice for anyone seeking supportive guidance and a friendly gym environment.

Shabnam KhanShabnam Khan

My experience with Authentic Personal Training has been amazing, right from the time I spoke to Alec and got started - specially with my lovely trainer Sarah. She understands my limitations as a newbie, and has accordingly designed a personalized training program - that is very doable and something that I look forward to every week. The gym's atmosphere is great and I like that we have options to join multiple sessions throughout the week based on what works for me individually. Sarah is also a qualified nutritionist and APT put a great emphasis on wholistic plans (eating right, sleeping right and working out right). Highly highly recommended.

Jae ChoiJae Choi

Great personal session gym that offers more than just the 1:1 sessions. You can also attend free classes and use of the gym whoever you’re keen. Alec and the team are all very engaged and focused on helping you get results. Highly recommended.

Marty SpencerMarty Spencer

The trainers at Authentic Personal Training find the right balance for each person. The gym is a friendly place where everyone is made to feel welcome.

Michelle FisherMichelle Fisher

I love the close community of Authentic PT and how friendly everyone is .
I started my training at the beginning of the pandemic and found my instructor Brad amazing .
He pushed me to my limit and I just craved more .The group classes are something else I enjoy immensely .
I recommend Authentic PT for all ages . It’s fun , friendly and a great way to get motivated to get fit

Annette NazaroffAnnette Nazaroff

Has changed my life and lifestyle I am challenged in a good way but mostly is a great purpose to getting up and getting going every day

Tom ConnieTom Connie

Absolutely LOVE my sessions. I’m getting fit & it feels so GOOD!!
Highly recommend this Studio. Everyone is a pleasure to train with - feels like an extension of my family.

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