Group Exercise Timetable

At Authentic Personal Training our group exercise are here to compliment your 1 on 1 sessions. Come and join a class as part of your health and fitness program.


6:30pmWeights CircuitMicheal60mins


7:00amWeights CircuitMicheal45mins
12:00pmCardio BlitzMicheal45mins


6:30amBeginners Run ClubHelen45mins


7:00amCardio BlitzMicheal45mins
6:30pmCardio BlitzLynsey60mins


6:30amRun ClubTom60mins


7:30amCore ConditioningAlec30mins

Class Descriptions


A fantastic way to get the heart rate up and start the day! Simple combinations mixed in with bodyweight exercises allows for an effective and efficient workout. Suitable for all fitness levels so come and enjoy the fun!

Weights Circuit

A full body workout designed to get the muscles working as efficiently as possible. Working the legs, back, chest, glutes, shoulders, abs and arms, every major muscle group will get focused on. Want to work on something in particular? Let us know and we can incorporate it into the session with ease. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Cardio Blitz

A fun and enjoyable way to do 60 minutes of cardio! Using a combination of cardio machines and body weight movements, this interval style workout will get the heart pumping and the muscles burning. Working together as a team, we will make sure that we all hit personal bests and make the most out of the hour. Suitable for all fitness levels, friends and family can come for free as well!

Core Conditioning

Without the proper ability to control and activate the core muscles in the body, your results will onIy be able to go so far. Join us for a session that is entirely focused on getting the stomach muscles firing. Incorporating functional movements and working on the inner core muscles, we ensure that the class is suitable for all fitness levels.  It is amazing how much you can fit in to 30 minutes!

Run Group

A fantastic chance to get outside and work on not only your running stamina, but a perfect opportunity to have out resident Ironman take you through specific running drills and technique improvement. Catered for all fitness levels, it is a great way to get those extra km’s under your belt before an event!


A 30 minute full-body stretch designed to relax the body after a long week. Focusing on all the major muscle groups, this class allows you to give your muscles the opportunity to grow and develop whilst reducing the risk of injury. Benefits of stretching include improved blood flow, reduction of stress and reduction in pain.

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