What is the best weight loss hack for success? Losing weight can (and will) largely come down to two key factors; how much you eat and how much you move. Sure there are a number of other influences on the path to weight loss (sleep and stress to name a few), but the reality is that if you are consuming more calories than you are burning, then you will find it incredibly hard to lose weight.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, health goal that people have today revolves around weight loss. However, with the huge amount of information available (often conflicting) and the amount of ‘quick fixes’, the weight loss process can be overwhelming, stressful and confusing.

Do you want to know the un-sexy truth of it all?


You don’t actually need a miracle cure, quick fix or fad diet to lose weight successfully.


You just need consistency, a bit of knowledge and some commitment.

Including a few hacks in you daily routine is a good way to get started on the weight loss process. Instead of trying to do everything perfect from the beginning (hello stress), simply try to make smaller changes to your current routine and then keep adding as time and confidence progresses.

Here are a few weight loss hacks to get you started.


Weight Loss Hack #1


Food Prep


Food Prep

Your ability to think ahead when it comes to your daily and weekly nutritional intake will have a huge impact on your life. Not only will your understanding of food improve, but the impact that it has on your results will be staggering.

Too often we do not think about food until we are hungry.

What happens when we are hungry?

We grab whatever is easiest AND/OR make bad decisions on the run.

Instead, why not take the guesswork out of it and plan ahead?

Food prep does not have to be every single meal for the week separated into containers.

It could simply be:

  • Cooking twice as much for dinner and taking it for lunch the next day.
  • Making a salad big enough for 3 meals and adding a protein source when you want to eat it.
  • Deciding on what you want to eat at a restaurant before you arrive, not when you are hungry and waiting.

The main aim is to be consciously thinking about what you are going to eat, so that you can plan ahead and make the right decisions.

Added bonus: Preparing and thinking about your food in advance largely removes temptation. When it comes to temptation, out of site = out of mind.


Weight Loss Hack #2


Running Image

Increase that step count!

Weight loss, in its simplest form simply comes down to burning off more calories than you are consuming. The main issue is that in today’s society it is simply too easy to sit at your desk all day with the only time we get up and move being to get food!

Did you know?

Studies have shown that those who sit for more than 8 hours a day with no physical activity face risks similar to the risks posed by obesity and smoking?


  • Sit in our car on the way to work.
  • Sit at our desk all day.
  • Sit in the car on the way home.
  • Sit on the couch for 2-3 hours until we go to bed.


And we wonder why we cannot shift those ‘stubborn’ kilos?!

Is it is us being stubborn or the weight….

Most people these days have the ability to count their steps on their watch/phone.

Set a goal of 12k steps in a day. See how many you normally do and then try and break it.

If you commit to this over a number of weeks YOU WILL SEE SUCCESS.

Combine it with food prep and healthier eating and it’s a promise.


Weight Loss Hack #3

Small plate of food

Get smaller plates

As children we were usually conditioned to eat until the plate was empty, not until we are full

Think about it.

How many times were you told as a kid that you couldn’t leave the table until you had finished your meal?

Having this engrained into us from a young age has meant that now, as adults, we are eating everything on our plates and ignoring the fact that we might be full in the process.

A quick way to manipulate this thought process is to simply use smaller plates. It is one of those weight loss hacks that is staring you in the face.

Finish what is on your plate, have a big glass of water and wait 20 minutes before going back. for seconds.

You will probably not be as hungry any more.



In summary…


Weighty loss does not have to be the most complicated & challenging thing in the world. Too often we are led to believe that it is. Sometimes it is about making small daily changes that will have BIG impact on your overall chance of success. Whilst weight loss hack 1, 2 & 3 won’t necessarily guarantee your success, they will go a long way to creating some positive habits that will help you on your journey.

Give them a go and see what happens.


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