If your motivation levels feel like they are dropping and rising with every hour/day/week of the year, then you are not alone. Motivation is something that can be fleeting. It is something that drives us to achieve but can also feel like an impossible hurdle to overcome when it is not.

Why does it seem that there are those people who are consistently motivated to achieve 24/7 and others that seemingly lack it all the time?

Of course, there are always going to be people at each end of the spectrum. Those who have massive internal motivation that drives them daily, and those who don’t.

A lot of us however, fall in the middle.

We are:

  • Motivated some days, and on others are not.
  • Making grand plans when we feel great, struggling to follow through on them when we don’t.
  • Believing that next week will be different, and for a while it certainly can be!
  • Always wanting to achieve, but sometimes struggling to see it through.

The good news in this? We are all human, we are all pretty similarly made up and we can all put things in to place that allow us to have stable and steady levels of motivation on a consistent basis.


How can we maintain dropping motivation levels?


First things first; when the motivation levels drop, do not beat yourself up over it. That single act can be the most destructive and put you even further back in your journey.

Motivation levels dropping is something that commonly happens and is perfectly natural. It is incredibly empowering when the motivation levels are high, and can be challenging when they drop. Our ability to manage the drops in motivation can be a big impactor on our chances to achieve our health and fitness goals.

After all, it is how we act when times are challenging that truly defines the type of success that we will have.

The below infographic tries to explain in a bit more detail how to maintain your motivation levels.



In summary


Motivation is something that comes and goes, dropping and rising like the sun. If you want to truly harness the power of your motivation, it is important to put a framework in place that will allow for the best results.

Attack it with a purpose, let those around you know and be supportive of your goals and DO NOT spend time with those who are not. Once you start achieving these goals, it will become more and more motivating to continue to do so.

Before you know it, the motivation levels will be consistently high, the goals will be rolling in and you will feel like a new and improved version of yourself.

That first goal is always the hardest, so know that the effort now will be greatly repaid further down the line.


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