Success with weight loss can largely come down to the creation of positive habits. More often than not, we are the end result of our habits in life. People with largely positive habits, tend to end up with a largely positive lifestyle and it is the same way with the negative.

As humans, our entire life and how we live it is largely impacted by conscious and subconscious decisions made on a daily basis. These decisions are made through the culmination of past experiences, our knowledge and even other peoples knowledge passed on to us.

More often than not we don’t even know that we are making them.

For example:

Every morning when we wake up, we put our shoes on and tie our shoelaces. Logically we know that there are a number of different ways that we can tie them. Is there any doubt however that they have been tied them the same way forever? Without even thinking about it?


Because we have found a way that works. As a result, through repetition over time, it has become an engrained habit.

Now if you apply this same logic to nutrition and exercise, there will always be a number of different habits that dictate our daily routine.



Weight Loss Success & The Creation of Subconscious habits


Subconscious habits, those habits that we do not even realise that we have, go a long way to laying the foundation of who we are and how we operate.

For example:

Every day when you get home after work, you put your bag down, go to the kitchen to grab something to eat. A little snack that you do not even consider to be a meal (biscuits, chocolate etc). A small something to decompress from the day that has just finished.

Day after day, if you did this long enough, it would not be long before this would become a subconscious habit that you do not even know you are doing.

Home, food, relax.

Now imagine doing this, every day, for years. without realising.

All of those biscuits (that you do not realise you are eating) would surely be getting in the way of your success wouldn’t they?

Now imagine that every day when you got home, instead of going to the kitchen you decided to go outside immediately for a 30 minute walk.

Creating habits like that would surely give you a great chance for weight loss success. If we consciously work hard to create positive subconscious habits, then we will be giving ourselves an amazing change at long-term lifestyle change.



Weight loss habits – Having success with food


70% of the battle when it comes down to weight loss success is the positive or negative habits that we have with our food. It is all well and good to have the exercise side of things under control. If the food is letting you down though, then it will be very hard to see long-term results.

Most people know that keeping a healthy weight comes down to a few key areas (good food and good movement). That should be no surprise. The reality however is that doing it can be tough.

In fact, the reason that most people who ‘diet’ end up putting their weight back on is because they have simply gone for the quick fix instead of addressing the fundamental habits that are holding them back.

The word itself, ‘diet’, always implies that it is a short term solution.

Realistically though, if you are looking to lose weight and keep it off, why would you be looking into short term solutions instead of giving yourself the best chance of success?

Working hard to create positive habits around nutrition will really help you in the long-term.

Developing nutritional habits such as:

  • Doing food prep every Sunday to have control over your food.
  • Drinking 2L of water every day no matter what.
  • Having an idea of your calorie goals and what is in the food you are eating.
  • Not buying snacks, chips, lollies at the supermarket.


These habits are easy to form once the negative habits have been broken. It is just a matter of doing it.

Do you have any areas of your nutrition that you think could be improved by the creation of some positive habits?

Incorporate these 6 daily Weight Loss Habits for Success


1. The planning and creation of a healthy meal routine.

This means that you are eating at the same time every day (reducing the subconscious snacking). You also know in advance that what you are eating is in line with your weight loss goals. It is win win.

2. Daily exercise of 10k steps.

Every single day you should be moving and increasing the amount of energy that you burn. At the most basic level, weight loss success comes down to burning more energy than you consume. Focusing on a minimum 10,000 daily steps is a great way to ensure that happens.

3. Reading the nutrition label of EVERYTHING you buy.

It is vitally important to understand what you are consuming and how it can impact your overall caloric intake. Instead of just buying something without giving it much thought, get in to the habit of reading what is inside. It will not only educate you, but help you gain a better insight into branding and best options.

4. Resistance training 2 x per week.

Resistance training is incredibly important as it stimulates the muscle mass into growth and development. In turn, it helps keep your metabolism working at a high rate. The more efficient your metabolism, the higher the fat burn potential that you have.

5. Veggies with every meal.

Eating vegetables with every meal means that you are filling your body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These will help in every aspect of bodily function. Instead of putting sugars and bad fats in (which will increase the chance of weight gain), having vegetables with every meal ensure that the opposite will happen.

6. Sleep!

You cannot repair and lose weight if you are not sleeping enough. Sleep is the only time that your body has a chance to catch up and recover. If you are not getting enough then your body will lose efficiency and your weight loss journey will become more and more challenging.


Having a strong focus on the above habits does and will not guarantee weight loss success. It will however, help to get you on the right path. It takes time and commitment to keep weight off. If you are consciously focusing on moving away from the negative habits and towards the positive, before you know it your weight, lifestyle and results would have changed dramatically.


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