There are hundreds of fitness apps available in 2021, but which one is the best?

We live in a digital world. A world that thrives on ease of use and speed of results. With health and wellness being in the forefront of everyone’s mind at the moment, there has been an explosion of apps designed to help improve our lives.


One of the great things about being in a digital age is that the world’s best fitness minds are now well within your reach – just in the palm of your hand. A simple press of a button and you have millions of workouts, fitness tips and much more ready to go.


Thanks to technology, there are now a plethora of fitness apps to choose from. You can easily enlist the services of fitness experts to help you reach your fitness goals.


Because of the pandemic, most people are still working from home and some gyms are still closed. Fitness apps allow you to workout anytime, anywhere.


The hardest decision may be which one of these fitness apps are the best and which one do you invest in?


Selecting a fitness app can be daunting but the important things to note are what you want to achieve, what workouts you enjoy doing, and what your skill level is. Pick a program that will fit your skill level and look for variety – of course pick the one within your price range.


Here are some of the best fitness apps in my book that I think will help you keep on track in 2021.



Nike Training Club


This app offers workouts for different disciplines and can be tailored according to your workout preference, your fitness level, and your personal goals. You can also choose depending on the time that you can spare for exercising.


Although these options are already great reasons to sign up, it also offers the chance to workout with your favourite sport stars and Nike trainers.





Couch to 5K


If you are looking into running, Couch to 5K is the best app for you.


It will get you running five kilometres in just 9 weeks! It offers a step-by-step program to help you increase your intensity gradually until you become a seasoned runner. This would be so good for those who are just starting out because it will help you ease into running while avoiding the risk of injuries.


COST: Ranging from FREE to $13.99 (there are a few different versions)



Alo Moves


Alo Moves is associated with the popular clothing brand Alo Yoga. It features a number of classes for Pilates, strength training, HIIT, barre and more. It also offers a variety of yoga sessions and a set on mindfulness meditation and breathwork.


COST: $20 p/month or $199 annual





If you are into HIIT, then this is the app for you. This app offers coaching, personalized programs, and 180 movements that are designed for strength and conditioning with step by step video demos.


The program the offer is also good for those who are starting out. It also has a feature that helps you track your activity and estimate your daily calorie needs.


COST: LITE = FREE, Premium = $14.99 p/month (USD)





Jefit is good for those who are into strength training. The workout tracking program is designed specifically for this and it will let you create and log your workouts directly onto the app.


It has 1,400 exercise programs that you can filter depending on the muscle group you want to target and your fitness goal.


COST:  BASIC = FREE, ELITE: $6.99 p/month or $39.96 annually





In our minds, this is one of the best fitness apps available in 2021.

Our personal favourite and FREE for 12 months for American Express card holders. Chris Hemsworth’s app is a very well rounded solution for those looking for nutrition, exercise and mindfulness support.


Built by his team of professionals it has challenges, workouts, and multi-week programs that can all be done by the user.


COST: 1 MONTH = $29.99, 3 MONTHS = $20, ANNUAL = $120



Authentic Personal Training


Our exclusive member app is the perfect complement to our Personal Training memberships.


It will connect directly to your apple/android health trackers and give you all the relevant data. It will track your weekly results in the studio; your lifts, weigh ins, body composition scans and much more.


With the ability to message members, book in to classes, group chat and our social feed, it will be a one stop shop for member accessibility and communications.


COST: FREE with all Authentic Personal Training memberships





So there you have it, 7 different app options to help you with your health and fitness. Which one of these fitness apps is going to be the best option for you in 2021?

That answer lies with your goals, commitment to training and understanding of what you can and can’t do.

If you are unsure about which of the options would be best for you, or if there is a better way to go about achieving your goals, it is always recommended to talk to a professional first.

They will give you some great guidance.

Good luck!


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