Did your best fitness routine go missing this winter? Many of us were embracing those cold winter nights rugged up in front of the tele with a warm cup of cocoa. But as the days began to shorten and the cold became less tolerable, the winter months have grown rather tiresome. It’s often not too long before we find ourselves craving the warmth and sunlight once again whilst counting the days until spring. 


As humans, we are known to be creatures of habit and comfort. This doesn’t mean that we like things to stay the same. This is indeed true regarding our physical activity, and changing our fitness routine can be a fantastic motivator to avoid or overcome a plateau, achieve desired weight loss and accomplishing new goals.


But how do you know when the time for change has come? Read on for helpful tools to help create your ‘new’ best fitness routine.



When do you Spring Clean for your Best Fitness Routine?


If you find yourself experiencing boredom from your current physical activity practice, or struggle finding motivation to create a fitness habit at all, it may be time for you to shake things up a little. 


Ask yourself these 5 questions below, and if you answer yes to any of them, I encourage you to explore change toward your fitness routine before it disappears altogether. 


  1. I no longer feel a sense of joy or accomplishment towards my fitness/health journey.
  2. I have stopped seeing results or making progress.
  3. I find myself focusing on the clock instead of my form.
  4. I don’t feel energised after completing a workout.
  5. I feel unusually fatigued and/or drained from my workouts.




How do you know what will work best for you?


It is important to pause and reflect on your current fitness routine from time to time in an honest and open-minded manner. As life continues to get increasingly busy for many of us, it can be easy to fall into the trap of monotony in the path toward our fitness goals. So to avoid this happening to you, use the questions below to help rethink what you value as part of your fitness journey. 


  1. Why are my fitness goals important to me?
  2. What would my perfect fitness routine look like in a week?
  3. What support may I need to reach my fitness goals and make them permanent?
  4. What exercise or healthy lifestyle habits do I enjoy doing?
  5. What would I do if there were no limitations to my fitness or time?


Now that we have evaluated our current fitness routine and rethought our values, it’s time to take action in implementing our desired change. The good news is that there are plenty of options when it comes to fitness and numerous ways we can achieve similar goals. Below are some useful tips to get you started on planning your next perfect fitness routine this Spring. 



Our top 5 tips to help you implement change today!



Take it outside.

Sometimes a change of venue is all that’s necessary to shake off the winter blues. Increase your daily step count by taking a walk down the beach or to your local park, soaking up the crisp spring air and glistening sunlight along the way.


Join a fun run (or other physical activity challenge).

Nothing provides motivation like a deadline. Spring tends to be the season for many fitness events such as Fun Run’s, duathlon’s, and charity walking challenges. Check out what opportunities are coming up in the North Shore and register your interest today.


Join a fitness community.

Enhance your fitness routine with like minded people by joining your local fitness studio. Each fitness facility offers a different experience and many great benefits of support whilst you get through those tougher workouts. Authentic Personal Training puts community and fun into training first, with FREE group classes and social events for members throughout the year.  


Let the experts decide.

Take the guesswork and stress out of your fitness routine and leave it to the experts. Personal Trainers are available to support you through your journey and have the expert knowledge to safely and efficiently guide you in the right direction. An investment in your health and wellbeing for the long-term is always worthwhile no matter where you currently are now. 


Invest in new gear.

Let’s be completely honest here, new workout clothes and/or shoes make us feel a sense of hope and motivation unlike anything else. We put on fresh runners with that little extra bounce and suddenly we are Usain Bolt, or perhaps new workout gear might just be the ticket for you to get moving.



In Summary


Whatever changes you choose to integrate into your fitness routine, put your goals and enjoyment first. If it feels like a chore, your commitment to being active and achieving your goals may diminish overtime. You may try a few different things before you find your perfect fit, but always keep variety in mind and explore new fitness challenges along the way. Being active means different things for everyone, and our routines are as individual as we all are, so make your fitness journey your own and enjoy the process every step of the way.


Best of luck in your fitness routine spring clean. If you would like any further assistance or guidance, click on the link below to get expert help from the Authentic Personal Training Team today!




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