Are you looking to build your bone density?

Do you know the importance of having strong bones?


Bone density measures the amount of minerals like calcium and phosphorus present in bone. This living tissue responds to exercise by growing stronger constantly changing over time. Throughout childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, bones absorb nutrients and minerals, gaining strength, until hitting their peak in our late 20’s. 


Having strong bones is extremely important for long term health and structural integrity later in life. Not paying attention to the strength of your bones could leave you at risk of developing fragile bones that break easily. 


Unfortunately falls are one of the leading causes of death in elderly populations. Most of which occur due to balance, bone or strength deficiencies in movement. We all know an elderly person in our lives that would bring us great sadness to see fall. Even more so if it was preventable. 


Whilst not all falls or bone breaks are preventable we can most definitely boost our protection by increasing our strength long term. The good news is that bone density can be improved for all of us, right away with a few simple changes to our lifestyle. 


Read on to build your strength and bone density in 3 simple steps, your future self will thank you later. 



Step #1 – Build Bone Density with Weightlifting and Strength Training


Strength training places strain on our bones, which respond by prompting bone-forming cells into action. Over time the result is stronger, denser bones. The best exercises for building your bones are those which place vertical force on our bones. Particularly compound lifts resisting the weight and gravitational pull, i.e.. squats, deadlifts, overhead pressing, and lunging.



Step #2 – Don’t neglect your vegetables


Mum was right, eat your vegetables and you will grow up big and strong. A mix of colourful vegetables in your diet provides vitamins C, D and K which protect bone cells from damage. So make sure you consume adequate amounts of green and yellow vegetables. Some great choices are; spinach, cabbage, and broccoli for increased bone mineralization and long term bone health.



Step #3 – Consume Enough Protein and Calcium


About 50% of our bone make up is protein. And higher protein consumption helps improve calcium absorption. This increases our chances of building strong bones from exercise. Calcium is one of the main minerals found in bones and is best consumed in regular intervals throughout the day. This ensures maximal absorption can be obtained. Foods like dark leafy greens, salmon, fresh fruits, dairy, and soy are all great sources of protein and calcium to include in your diet.



Final Words


Remember it’s never too late to build your bone health. Your best defense is a good offence. You CAN get a head start on this, literally making an impact on your bones today to support your future self. 


Get started by lifting heavier things around the home and include higher protein foods in your next grocery shop. Then if you wish to seek further guidance and expertise on managing your holistic health long term, get in touch with the trainers at Authentic PT. With an average of 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry, the trainers at Authentic PT have helped hundreds of people just like you achieve more than they thought possible.



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