What happens when the gym reopens? It is the question on everyone’s mind at the moment as we creep towards our coveted 70% double vaccination targets. We are on the final stretches of a long and challenging lockdown and it will be incredibly refreshing to be able to get some normality back in our lives.

But what will that look like?

The short answer is that no-one is really sure at this stage. Whilst there has been some general guidelines released, we are still waiting for the detailed requirements for all business.

From our perspective there are some bare-minimums that we will be following before a single member walks through the front door. It is crucial for us to ensure that our members are entering a clean and hygienic facility.

A deep clean like no other

This will be happening as soon as we get wind of our reopening date. Our cleaners will be in the studio and going over it from top to bottom. Ensuring that the studio is in the best possible shape prior to members coming back inis our first priority.

All of our equipment that we have been using outdoors will also be thoroughly cleaned as well. No-one wants muddy gear in the studio!

Whilst gyms are often perceived to be an unhygienic business (and fair enough there is a bit of sweat involved), we wanted to remind all of our members that this doesn’t have to be the case. It is often this perception that forces gyms to be held to a much higher standard compared to businesses that hold a similar amount of people.

The team at Authentic Personal Training have always prided themselves on their hygiene standards. As a smaller facility it is much easier to maintain the space compared to a bigger gym.

Whilst we are still a bit unsure about the process of reopening the gym, using what happened last year as a bit of a guide, we have created a plan of attack below.



Gyms Reopening – Important Notes


Covid-19 Qualification

Our team is fully qualified in COVID-19


  • We have 160sqm of usable floor space. Under the current Government guidelines, of 1 person per 4 square meters, we are able to fit 40 people. As we RARELY get above 20 on the busiest of days, we are 100% confident that space will never be an issue for us.
  • Our team has completed their Infection Control Training – COVID-19 qualifications as set out by the NSW Department of Health.
  • We have always had immune-compromised members in the studio. Focusing on creating an incredibly hygienic space has always been a focus for us.

Monday 11th or 18th October


These are the 2 dates that we have narrowed down as the most likely dates to get back inside. Prior to this reopening, the studio would have gone under a deep clean. All equipment would have been returned. All sessions would have been confirmed so members know when they are training.


  • As we all know, the reopening and usability of the studio will be contingent on members and trainers being fully vaccinated. We imagine that it will be linked to the existing QR code check in system in place.
  • We are unsure about masks being mandatory. We imagine that if they are it will be for trainers only.
  • Useable studio floor space = 160 square meters. Under the 4 square meter rule, this allows 40 people. We rarely get above 20 people at any one time so this works well for us.
  • There will be no shared equipment during sessions. The team will take care of all wiping and cleaning of gear throughout sessions.
  • All touch points will be cleaned before, during and after sessions.
  • The studio will be getting professionally cleaned 3x p/week and cleaned daily by the team.



Group Exercise & Own Training


Depending on government advice, we are hoping that we are able to resume our normal schedule of group classes immediately. There may be limits on the number of attendees allowed, but that shouldn’t impact our offering.

We will also be allowing own training from 10am onwards as per normal so you can come in and do your own training.

Please note that if you are doing your own training, we will require you to use our wipes during your session to ensure that equipment stays as clean as possible.



Now for the fun stuff


When we are allowed back in to the gym, we want to hit the ground running!

We have been planning a lot around how we can shake off the lockdown cobwebs. We want to make sure that we head in to the end of year with some positive momentum.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce that we will be launching our ‘Lose The Iso Kilos Challenge’ soon after reopening.

This was our biggest and best challenge last year and it was the perfect remedy to a long lockdown.

We will have you moving more, eating better and participating in daily challenges to ensure that by the time December arrives, you are feeling better than ever.


The End Of Year Picnic


It is back and we cannot wait to celebrate the year that was.

Join us for food, sun, drinks and laughs as we look back on another year at Authentic PT. Whilst it hasn’t been the easiest, we have all risen to the challenge and there are some great wins to celebrate. Stay tuned for the date, it will most likely be at the start of December.



Gyms Reopening Amidst COVID-19


What you need to know and ask to ensure a safe return if you don’t train at Authentic PT.


Answering Covid Questions

It is important to feel comfortable on your return to training.


With the expected announcement that gyms will reopen on the 11th or 18th October, it is hugely important that you feel comfortable PRIOR to stepping foot in a facility.

What happens when the gym reopens will go a long way to show how seriously they are taking this pandemic.

There are a few key questions that you should have answered before going back in.

Hopefully your facility is on the front foot with this. If they have not made their announcements yet, it is important to gain clarity.


Questions to ask prior to your gym reopening to keep you comfortable:

  • How are your cleanliness and hygiene standards being upgraded for re-opening?
  • Are all of your staff COVID-19 qualified as set out by the NSW Department of Health?
  • Will you be taking temperatures upon entry and providing wipes throughout the facility?
  • How are you altering your current offering to ensure that safe distancing is abided by?
  • How are you monitoring the gym floor to make sure standards are upheld?


It is important to note, that similar to restaurants, bars and clubs, there are different types of fitness facilities. As such there will be varying ranges of issues to take into account.


For example:

  • How can a 24/7 gym ensure cleanliness when they are un-staffed a lot of the time?
  • How can a group exercise only facility ensure safe distancing and no shared equipment is occurring?
  • What can a large gym with thousands of members do to ensure that all machines are cleaned before & after every individual use?


All of these questions still need to be answered. If the business has any foresight, hopefully they have been addressing them already. If they cannot answer questions around what happens when the gym reopens then you should seriously consider whether or not you should look at other facilities.




The Benefit Of Our Small Studio


Small studio kept clean

Our boutique studio is easy to maintain


The wonderful thing about having a boutique studio like Authentic Personal Training is that it is a much smaller space to maintain and monitor. It is a smaller job to ensure that we are keeping it as clean as possible for our members.


We feel incredibly confident that when we are allowed to reopen, that we are doing so with the best planning possible and the experience to know that we can deliver on those plans consistently.


Hopefully the above factors have helped you gain a better understanding around what happens when the gym reopens. We look forward to seeing you in the studio with us soon.



Want To Learn More?


Since COVID-19 entered our lives, we have aimed to deliver some great weekly information as to how you can remain healthy, productive and in good spirits. This blog post is the latest addition to a growing library of information. Click to read more on our dedicated COVID support blogs.


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