Looking for Vitamin C rich foods? Vitamin C is one of the most versatile vitamins consumed on a daily basis. Not only does it manage blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease, it also stimulates the production of white blood cells to help the body fight off illness.


If Vitamin C is consumed with regularity, then you are putting yourself in a strong position to fight off such things as the common cold. Even more importantly, we should be doing everything we can at the moment to improve our immune system. Something that Vitamin C is very good at assisting with.


Despite what all the advertising and marketing might have you believe however, there are a number of ways that we can increase our Vitamin C consumption without having to resort to the supplements.


So, what are some Vitamin C rich foods you can incorporate into your daily eating plan?





A standard serve of broccoli contains more than twice as much Vitamin C as citrus fruits. Bet you didn’t know that?




The age-old favourite. Oranges are a tried and tested source of Vitamin C with 70mg in a medium sized piece of this fruit. Just make sure that you stick to the actual fruit and stay away from the juice – it can be full of sugar!


Brussels Sprouts


This wonder-veggie has so many healthy qualities to it that we lose count. With around 75mg of Vitamin C per cup, you should definitely look to include it in your weekly food plan to boost the immune system.




Did you know that you can find 28% of your daily total Vitamin C in one medium-sized tomato? Pretty good for something that is an easy addition to your daily food intake.




This fantastic and versatile fruit should be an addition to the weekly food intake for a number of reasons. In terms of Vitamin C, there is almost 100% of the recommended daily value per cup. Add it to your salad, to a smoothie or on top of you cereal and boost your immune system at the same time!


Kiwi Fruit


Most fruit is going to have vitamin benefits and kiwi fruit is one of those that is loaded with goodness. Simply having a single kiwi fruit a day in your food plan will give you an extra 64mg of Vitamin C. If you are a fan of the skin, don’t be afraid to consume that as well to get some great fibre and extra nutrients.


Whilst the above 6 sources of Vitamin C might not give you everything that you need individually, if you combine them in to your weekly needs, then you are giving your immune system a great chance of being as possible.



Bonus – 2 x Vitamin C Rich Recipes


vitamin c rich salad

Kefir and citrus fruit salad with cumin, honey, ginger and lemon dressing


This has all the vitamin C flu-busting of citrus, the soothing benefits of manuka honey and gut flourishing kefir. If you fall into the no-fruit-in-savoury category a la pineapple on pizza, look away. Or just remove the onion and replace the cumin with vanilla bean paste to push this salad into ‘sweet’ territory.


Get this recipe here.



vitamin c rich recipe


Sweet potato, tuna, fennel, orange, olive and pita salad


This is a pretty complete meal on its own, perfect for lunch or a light dinner, but if you skip the tuna, it also makes a great side for grilled fish or pork.


Get this recipe here.




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