The decision to make a change in your health and fitness can often be a daunting one. Motivation is very easy to have in short bursts, but making sure that you can capitalise on it is crucial. There is no point making a change in the short-term if you are going to go back to how you were in the long-term. Below are 10 tips to make a change to your health and fitness and ensure that the change you want to make will be for the rest of your life.

1. Exercise Regularly

The biggest tips that we can make to help you make a change to your health and fitness revolve around exercise. It is very hard to develop a habit if you are only doing something every now and then. That habit of checking your phone every 5 minutes? That would not have occurred if you only had access to your phone twice a week. It is exactly the same with exercise.

If you want to ensure that you are going to make a lifestyle change, you need to make it a regular occurrence, and it needs to be at a time that will consistently work well for you. Do you always have afternoon/evenings events? Probably not the best time to try and commit to exercise.

We should all aim for a minimum of 4-exercise moments p/week!

2. Eat Regularly

Eating is different to exercise in that if we do not do it regularly, we unfortunately will not be on this earth very long. Of course, you are eating every day, but how many times? If you want to get your body burning up energy at a high rate, you need to ensure that you are eating every 3-4 hours and it has to be the right stuff…

3. Eat Green

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison”

Fact: You will not die if you eat bad food for a day, week, month or even a year. If you eat it for a lifetime? Yeah you probably will not be around for as long as the rest of us.

The great news is that it is never too late to take control of what you are eating and make some fantastic life-changes. The best way to start this? Eat green. Load up on fantastic green leafy vegetables throughout the day, cut out the processed crap and you will be amazed at how quickly you will notice a result

4. Understand Your Food

You have just been told that you need to eat regularly and to eat green, but there is no point doing this if you do not know the WHY behind it. Do you know why your body needs carbohydrates? Do you know what a carbohydrate is? Are you aware of the importance of protein and fat in your daily food plan? Having a very solid understanding of the impact of food on your body will go a long way to helping you achieve the long-lasting result that you are after.

5. Plan Ahead

It is nearly impossible in this day and age to be in complete control all the time, and once you start to understand this, it is very liberating. Sitting down for an hour on a Sunday afternoon and mapping out what your week is going to look like is a crucial tool when it comes to making health and fitness part of your lifestyle. Have a party on Thursday night? Awesome! What can you eat during the day to allow for a bit more leeway at the event? Maybe plan a workout for the next morning to get the body pumping again. That definitely sounds a bit better than not going at all because you might not be in control of the food and drink there.

6. Stay Hydrated

Easy to say, hard to execute. With life being so busy these days, it is not uncommon to look up from what you are doing and realize that it has been 4 hours and you have not moved! Water is vital for life and your body, if you do not drink enough your body will not function at its optimal rate. Also the more water that goes in, the better your body becomes at flushing all those nasty toxins out.

Solution? Keep a water bottle on your table, in your bag or around you all the time. When it gets empty? A great chance to stand up, have a stretch and fill it up.

7. Sleep

“Sleep is the most important part of the recovery”

Your body can only truly recover and fix itself when you are asleep. If you are denying yourself the chance to recover, not only from your exercise, but also from everything else that life throws at you, you are always behind the 8-Ball, and it won’t be long before you starting noticing the negative impact. It is vital that sleep is a priority in life, with a minimum of 7 hours always the goal.

Tip: If you struggle to ‘turn off’ your brain at night, keep a notepad next to your bed, sometimes simply writing down everything on your mind is enough to clear it so you can get quality sleep!

8. Listen To YOUR BODY

Developing the ability to listen to your body is crucial when it comes to making a long lasting lifestyle change. If you are really really struggling to get exercise in at certain times, it could be your body telling you that you need to find a different time. If you are forcing yourself to eat something that you really do not like, you are not going to be able to eat it forever, so try something else. That pain in your back/neck/knees? That’s your body telling you something is wrong, so go and get it looked at!

Remember: There is a difference between listening to your ‘inner voice’ and listening to your body. Your ‘inner voice’ is the one that reminds you that 6am is early, and that beer tastes good on a Friday night. Your body is the one that tells you that certain movements hurt and that certain foods just don’t work for you. That does not mean your ‘inner voice’ is bad, and when you get your ‘inner voice’ on the same wavelength as your goals, it is amazing what you can achieve.

9. Get A Friend Involved

“Surround yourself with great people and great things happen”

This is one of the more fantastic tips that will not only make your health and fitness change more enjoyable, but also provide an extra layer of accountability. When your ‘inner voice’ tells you that it is too early to go for a run, it is your friend that reminds you why you are doing it and that you have organized a time to do it with them. If you have someone in your corner, wanting to achieve similar things as you, then you are 100% more likely to achieve your goals than if you do it alone. Find someone you know or ask your trainer if they know of anyone with similar goals.

10. Mix It Up

“Change is as good as a holiday”

Doing the same thing day in and day out is a recipe for disaster. It is incredibly hard to keep the motivation up at a high level and it makes it seem like it is a never-ending journey. If you want the lifestyle change to work, then you need to do different things all the time. Sick of exercising inside? Go outside! Sick of just running to get some km’s in? Try an obstacle course. Try not to do the same thing for more than 4 weeks in a row and you will never get bored!These 10 tips do not guarantee a complete lifestyle change, but they will definitely go a long way to you achieving the result that you are after. Give it a go!!!!

Do you think the above tips could make a change to your health and fitness? We would love to hear from you!

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