Are you making mistakes with your home workouts? Or are you looking to reduce the risk of making mistakes with your home workouts?

There should be no surprise that exercising at home being the biggest growth market in fitness throughout 2020 and 2021. There is a big chance that you have thought about doing or even participated your own home workout since this pandemic began.

COVID-19 has closed gyms all across the world. The increasingly busy lifestyles we are leading combined with improved video conferencing software (zoom), means that home workouts are most likely here to stay in some capacity.

With this in mind, it is important that we ensure that we are making the most of these workouts so that we are in the best shape possible.

So what are the 4 most common mistakes with home workouts?



Mistake #1 – They are not properly structured


poorly balanced sessions is a home workout mistake

Too much core + chest can lead to magnifying poor posture

A well-balanced and structured workout is essential if you are looking to get the most out of your time exercising. Home workouts tend to favour front facing movements (chest, shoulders & core). This is because when you only have limited equipment it is easier to push than pull.


As a result, home workouts can tend to miss the vital back movements that are so important for our overall posture and health.


At the moment, we are spending more time than ever sitting. There is also much less incidental exercise (we are working at home, there is no travel time). So, if we miss out on exercising our backs then we are risking big imbalances in our body composition. This is one of the most common mistakes with home workouts but is easily avoided if you know what to look out for.


TIP: Ensure that you are performing your chest and back with a ratio of 1:2. This will ensure that you have the right balance in your daily home workouts



Mistake #2 – Cardio over strength


avoid the home workout mistake of not doing resistance training

Training for muscle fatigue should be in your weekly plan.

It is not uncommon for home workouts to focus solely on heart rate over muscle fatigue. This is completely understandable. It is still a very effective session and can get some great results.


If every single session you do is heart rate over muscle fatigue however, then you are making a mistake with your home workouts.


This is because there always needs to be a focus on muscle fatigue in order to maintain an effective muscle mass and a high metabolism. Remember, the higher your metabolism, the better the fat burning potential you have.


Have a look at your weekly home workouts and make sure that there are some full body movements that ensure you are working each major muscle group a number of times.


TIP: If you only have your bodyweight (or limited equipment), instead of working for reps or time, simply work until failure with longer rest breaks. That way you are training effectively for the aim of muscle fatigue.



Mistake #3 – The curse of convenience


Convenience is a home workout mistake

Putting off exercise is easy when it is so convenient

With most people working from home at the moment and home workouts being more common-place, the curse of convenience starts coming into play.


When something is readily available and easily done (convenient), it is easily put off.


As there is no travel time, it can be a challenge to separate work, home and exercise. Other things can easily become a priority and if you are looking for a reason not to exercise, there is always one found.


Distractions such as the TV, washing, cooking & putting away the clothes also become more attractive. The next thing you know, exercise has become a part of tomorrow’s list.


Convenience can be great and very effective but it is also a double-edged sword.

TIP: In order to ensure you get the frequency required from your workouts, make sure that you book it in the diary and stick to it. This way you are forcing it to become a part of your day. As a result, you will be less likely to miss it.



Mistake #4 – Not including those around you


Training with family avoids home workout mistakes

Getting those around you on board with your goals helps!

When it comes to mistakes with home workouts, this one can make or break your chances of success. The influence of those around you is vital to success in anything that you do in life. This is especially true with health.

If you have people around you who are on board and want to see you succeed, then there is a much higher chance of achieving your goals.


Instead of working against the partner, kids or housemates and fighting to find time to fit in your workouts, include them in the process!

It will turn it into a fun activity that everyone gets involved. You will not be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to your goals.

TIP: Sit down for 5 minutes and think if your home workouts have been largely successful or unsuccessful. If they have been unsuccessful is it because the people in your house have made it difficult (even unintentionally)? If the answer is yes, include them next time.

Whilst the above 4 mistakes with home workouts are not necessarily all of the mistakes that can and are being made, these are definitely the biggest impactors to ongoing success. If you are experiencing the above, it is very easy to make some changes. If you are unsure how to, talk to an expert, they are here to help after all.


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