Protein supplements are all over the place at the moment, in bars, yoghurts and much more. When looking to hit your protein goals, we often look to the shelves for a bit of support. In a world where social media has taken over, and we are met with various advertisements from every angle daily, we can often be encouraged to make misleading choices when it comes to choosing food items. This is often based on deceptive marketing practices related to the promotion. Not to mention the labelling of the items we see on the shelf when we shop.

Often companies provide false or exaggerating claims about:

  • The food quality
  • Nutritional value
  • Ingredients
  • Health benefits


Consumers will easily buy into these products if they seem like eating them will help them reach their goals: for example, if their trainer has told them to increase their protein content, of course they will be tempted to buy every food labelled ‘PROTEIN’ on it!

Read on to get an insight into various protein containing foods, including yoghurts and protein bars!




People often get tripped up when it comes to yoghurt – your trainer may tell you it is a great snack when it comes to adding protein easily to your day, but do you know the difference between various types? Greek yoghurt vs Greek style yoghurt… yes there actually is  big difference!!


Greek Yoghurt


greek yoghurt


Per 100g: 55kcals, 9.3g Protein, 0.1g Saturated Fat, 3.3g Sugar.

Greek yoghurt goes through a straining process that gets rid of excess watery-whey to leave behind a thicker, more nutrient rich version.

Greek Style Yoghurt


greek style yoghurt


Per 100g: 122kcals, 4.5g Protein, 6.1g Saturated Fat, 5.2g Sugar.

Greek style yoghurt on the other hand is thickened with added milk powders / artificial thickeners to replicate the texture of the real thing – without the additional nutritional value.

Verdict: Don’t be fooled by the Greek symbols on the Greek ‘Style’ yoghurt. Instead consider opting for the Greek Yoghurt which will save you calories, increase your protein content with reduced fat and sugar!



Protein Bars


Protein bars are another common product which consumers may trip up on. With so many different types on the market – how should you know which one should be chosen over the other!? I have chosen some popular protein bars to compare.


Uncle Toby’s Nutritious Snacks Protein Bar Raspberry Goji & White Chocolate. 35g


protein bars


Average price per bar = $1.34.

Nutritional Information per bar = 140kcal, Protein 7g, Saturated fat 1g, Sugar = 6g

Verdict: This may seem like a decent bar for the price, but for 7g of protein can it really be considered high protein? I mean an average slice of bread will contain the same amount of protein and less sugar… and cost you less than 50c….

BSC High Protein Bar Low Carb Cookies And Cream 5 60g


low carb protein bar


Average price per bar = $3.40.

Nutritional Information per bar = 205kcal, Protein 19.2g, Saturated Fat = 2.7g, Sugars = 1.9g

Verdict: High protein, minimal fat and sugar! Not a bad choice for an on the go snack!


Carman’s Cookies & Cream Protein Bar 40g


cookies and cream protein bar


Average price per bar = $1.50.

Nutritional Information per bar = 188kcal, Protein, 10g, Saturated Fat = 3.4g, Sugars 7.2g

Verdict = For a similar flavour to the previously mentioned bar, yes you may be saving some money but you are only getting half the protein with lots more fat making it the same calories as previous bar with macros less likely to help you reach your goals.

Musashi High Protein P45 Bar Milk Chocolate Brownie 90g


high protein protein bar


Price per bar = $6

Nutritional Information = 336kcals, Protein 45.5g, Sat Fat= 4.1g, Sugars = 2.3g

Verdict = There is no denying this bar will help you reach your protein needs throughout the day with a whooping 45g per bar!!!! Depending on your goals though, will this be necessary in one sitting if you are following the recommendations of 20-40g of protein per meal evenly throughout the day? No point in splashing $6 unless necessary!!!


Quest Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie | 59g


protein cookie


Average Price per cookie = $4.80

Nutritional information per cookie = 250kcal, Protein = 15g, Sat fat = 10g, sugars = <1g,

Verdict = I know what your thinking, yay a ‘good’ cookie with amazing claims on the label, unfortunately there is no mention of fat on that beautiful looking label which would read 17g of total fat and 10g saturated fat – which would add to a big chunk of one’s daily allowance! A perfect example of misleading information that cannot be underestimated!



In Summary


So there you have it! An insight into Greek and Greek style yoghurt along with a variety of protein bars that you may often see in the shops for sale! And yes…  unfortunately, every single bar and yoghurt is going to have different macros and calories. However there are some things you can take home to follow and take align with your goals.

If you find a ‘cheap’ protein bar, chances are that there is more protein in things that are not labelled high protein such as bread/eggs/glass of milk – with added nutrients. Just because a bar is expensive though still does not mean it is the best choice as these are often high in saturated fats and sugars. Yes protein bars can be a useful way to increase your protein on the go, but just be mindful of what else is included in these bars, and think about how it aligns with your goals.



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