If you are looking to maximise your progress, you should be looking to add protein to your daily diet. It is that simple! We should all know it by now…protein is required to see progress in the gym.

You need protein to:

  • Gain muscle
  • Give you that toned look
  • Keep you feeling satiated after a meal along
  • Keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy.
  • Not to mention hormone and enzyme regulation!


There is no denying that we should all be ensuring to aim for 20-40g of protein per meal and a source in each snack for maximum results, but the question that repeatedly is coming up is exactly how we can do this?

Read on for my 5 top tips of adding protein into your diet daily.



Adding Protein Tip #1 – Buy yourself a whey protein powder.


A lot of people believe that whey protein ‘isn’t a good source of protein’, is ‘only for bodybuilders’ or is ‘full of chemicals’. The truth is that whey protein is actually one of the most efficient sources of protein as it contains all 9 essential amino acids or protein building blocks that are required to build muscle. Milk is made of two proteins, casein and whey.

Whey protein is produced by being separated from the casein or as a by-product of cheese making. A natural product that has the highest level of biological use than any other protein source, why wouldn’t you add it into your next bowl of oats, yoghurt or smoothie to increase your daily protein total by 30g?!



Adding Protein Tip #2 – Base each meal around a high protein source


Wether that is chicken, beef, fish, turkey, lean mince, tofu, eggs, ham, or soya, make sure there is a good hearty source creating the base for each meal. A common mistake people often make is having 1 egg and thinking they have covered their protein amount for that meal, when really that only accounts for abut 7g of protein!

To get almost 20g, 3 eggs are required! People may also decide to drastically decrease their meat intake to ‘save calories’ when really if a sufficient amount of protein is not eaten, they will be hungry soon again! Once you opt for the leaner sources- you are consuming more protein and less of the unhealthy fats!



Adding Protein Tip #3 – Add more protein sources to these meals!


Even though you may have mastered basing a meal on a good protein source, that doesn’t mean we can’t have more if it will help you reach your goals! Having cottage cheese on the bread with the eggs, or adding ham or turkey slices can also help to bulk a breakfast/lunch consisting of eggs up!

Similarly, if you are having soup with bread on the cold days for lunch, why not add some ham turkey or chicken slices to the bread to bulk it up?

Adding foods such as:

  • Chopped chicken
  • Tofu
  • Seeds
  • Beans
  • Lentils


into salads, stir-fries, soups, or casseroles can also help to bulk meals up with a further source!



Adding Protein Tip #4 – Make smart snack choices!


As mentioned, snacking on high protein sources will keep you fuller for longer. In turn, this will help you avoid over eating later on in the day. Luckily there are plenty of easy, on the go snacks you can incorporate into your diet to do this. Yo-Pro yoghurts which can be purchased in almost any supermarket contain 15-20g of protein. They can easily be transported and added as a snack at any time of the day for example.

There are many protein shake options including the Aldi Protein Boosts that can be easily eaten on the go. They can give you that extra boost (be mindful of the sugar content in some of these however). Any type of nut such as cashews, peanuts or pistachios is also a very easy on the go snack that can be incorporated. They will also provide you with healthy fats to further benefit your health.

Rice cakes with cottage cheese, tuna or nut butter may also be used – really simple and easy to have!



Adding Protein Tip #5 – Don’t completely overdo it!


While this may be odd to hear after me talking about all the ways to add protein to your diet, it is important that we do keep our diets balance. Be careful no to compensate another nutrient to hit the protein targets.

Wether you should hit the protein target or calorie target, comes down to where you are prioritising your goals. If its muscle gain – eat the protein! If its fat loss and you are only going to add calories to your day by adding another shake – save it and hit the targets tomorrow.

Ensuring that each meal contains a source of protein along with other essential nutrients will help you meet your daily protein requirements more easily!



In Summary


In conclusion, incorporating an adequate amount of protein into your diet is essential for various health benefits, including muscle development, satiety, and overall well-being.

By following these five tips:

  • Utilising whey protein powder
  • Basing meals around high protein sources
  • Adding extra protein to meals
  • Making smart snack choices,
  • Maintaining a balanced approach


You can easily meet your daily protein requirements. Remember to prioritize your goals and ensure each meal contains a good source of protein along with other essential nutrients. With these strategies, you’ll be on your way to optimizing your protein intake and achieving your fitness objectives.


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