How is your relationship with alcohol during this lockdown? With the anxiety around COVID-19 and self-isolation, it comes as no surprise that alcohol intake has increased in the last few months. 20% of Australians are buying more alcohol than normal and spending 34% more when they are at the shops. This should be incredibly concerning as we are all aware of the impact that alcohol has on individuals and society as a whole.


People tend to drink more during major disasters, personal crises and unsettling times. It is not surprising that there is an increase in alcohol consumption during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are living in a time of great social anxiety and stress and turning to alcohol in these situations can be an expected, but should not be advised.


Most people drink on a weekly basis and for social reasons. It is enjoyable, relaxing and a central part of the Australian lifestyle. Alcohol is not the solution to this current situation, and as we are largely unable to drink in social scenarios at the moment, people are drinking more on their own than ever.


Instead, we should be focusing more on our health. With a pandemic like this it is incredibly important that we ensure our immune system is in the best shape possible. We need to be eating healthier, drinking more water, exercising frequently and getting lots of sunshine.


Unfortunately, alcohol as it is a toxin, largely does the complete opposite of this or it impacts the ability for our bodies to get the full benefit of healthy these habits. When it comes to our own health, alcohol has far more negatives than positives.

See below for how alcohol can impact your weight gain.



alcohol infographic



To get through lockdown in your best health possible, it is important that you decrease the amount of alcohol that you are consuming, especially if you have increased it.


If you are concerned about your relationship with alcohol during this lockdown and the amount you are drinking, ask yourself;


“Would I be having this drink if I was not in lockdown?”


With this in mind, it might be worthwhile to think of some other ways in which you can look to unwind, have a break from alcohol and feel like the working day is behind you.



Whilst we would never realistically expect anyone to completely give up alcohol (everything should be enjoyed in moderation), there definitely needs to be a line drawn in the sand when it comes to the amount you are drinking in the current climate. It is very important to have a positive relationship with alcohol during this lockdown. You should be striving to be your best self at the moment, reducing alcohol and increasing healthy activities will help you do this.



Over the past 8 weeks, we have aimed to deliver some great information as to how we can remain healthy, productive and in good spirits during this COVID-19 lockdown. These iso-cooking recipes are the latest addition to a growing library of information.


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At the moment we are facing a health issue unlike anything seen before. It is so important that we are doing everything we can to boost our immune system and stay healthy. The combination of good nutrition and quality exercise is a proven recipe for success. Whilst it is incredibly easy to take the easy option these days, it should be encouraged to take a bit more control over what you are eating.



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