Finding the right personal trainer is crucial to success. You go to an accountant for your finances, a mechanic for your car and an electrician for your appliances. Why wouldn’t you ask a professional to help with the most important thing in life…your health and fitness?

The next thing you need to ask yourself is…How do I go about finding the right personal trainer?

The personal training industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia, with hundreds of new trainers becoming qualified each week. This is a fantastic thing to see, but it also comes with its downside. The more diluted the market becomes, the harder it can be to find a quality trainer who can help you with your goals.

I firmly believe that EVERYONE would benefit from having a personal trainer guide them with their health and fitness. The world’s best athletes, politicians, businessmen/women and even celebrities all have professionals to guide their health…why can’t the everyday person? And how does the everyday person go about finding the right one?

The New Year is underway and with that comes the renewed push to get fit and healthy, making 2019 the best year yet. It is the time for New Years resolutions and ‘new year, new me’ is all the rage, but if you really want to make your goals a reality, it is important that you find the right trainer for you.

So what are some of the qualities that you need to look out for?


A trainer who has dedicated their life to health and fitness has a wealth of knowledge on correct nutritional habits and exercise prescription. Finding the right trainer in this respect is crucial. If you invest time in to finding the right trainer, you will be rewarded with someone who can absolutely change your health, fitness and life. Will they go out of their way to help you improve and hit your goals on a daily/weekly basis?


The average lifespan of a personal trainer in the health and fitness industry is about 18 months. Very few make it past 3 years and an even smaller amount make it past 5 years. It is vitally important you find a trainer who foresees personal training as a long-term career. If they believe this, they will have passion and passion trumps just about anything.

Area of expertise.

There are so many different areas of health and fitness that a personal trainer can focus on. Take in to account what your goal is, and find a trainer whose knowledge aligns with that. If you want to lose weight, find someone whose area of expertise is weight loss. If you want to gain strength, find a trainer who focuses on strength & conditioning. The closer your trainers’ knowledge is aligned to your goals, the higher chance of success.

Respect, Rapport and Reliability.

These 3 R’s are crucial to an ongoing lifestyle change. When you have a personal trainer you both must have respect for each other, you must listen to what they have to say and the advice that they give, and they must respect you in the same way. You also have to have a great level of rapport. If you do not get on with your trainer or your trainer doesn’t get on with you then long-term success just won’t happen. Reliability is the third ‘R’ and can be the make or break. If you cannot rely on your trainer to show up for sessions, deliver the correct advice and be the role model that is required to get the result you need, then everything will fall apart. Also if your trainer cannot rely on you to show up for your sessions, then they will often either move you to a different trainer, or lose passion towards helping you achieve your goal.





They have to love their job!

It may sound a bit silly, but having someone who loves what they do makes the world of difference. There are going to be times, without doubt, that you would rather be anywhere else than in a session with your trainer. If you are with someone who loves what they do, they will naturally be able to pick you up and keep you motivated and accountable to your goals. If you have someone who isn’t enjoying his or her job, it will only drag you down further. Happiness is infectious; find someone happy!






When making the decision to invest in your health and fitness, you are trusting your money and results with someone else. Finding the right Personal Trainer is crucial and it must be someone who is the right person for you. Take the time to do the research, visit a few facilities, try a few out, and if at the end of all of that you are still unsure, trust your gut instinct…it’s usually right!

If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live??

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