Finding the right personal trainer can AND will make a massive difference when it comes to the achieving of your goals. It is incredibly important to make sure that you make the right choice and the right amount of research is done prior to making your decision.

There are many benefits that come with finding the right Personal Trainer for your individual goals. It means that you are making an informed and well researched decision to align yourself with someone who is investing in your success. If that choice is done properly you will not only gain a lot of knowledge along the way, but there is a very good chance that you will keep your result for the rest of your life.


What a win!

Before embarking on a search it is important to have 2 factors already taken into account, so that the process can be as effective as possible.


  1. You need to know your goal.

This is very important! You need to know EXACTLY what it is that you want to achieve so that you can search by looking for people who focus on that area. There is no point starting to look if you do not know what you are actually looking for.

  1. You need to know your travel distance.

The amount of time that you are prepared to travel for your training sessions must be factored into your search.

For example: The most common time to exercise is before or after work. As a result it would make sense for your trainer to be located either or on the way to or the way back from work.

Determining these 2 factors will greatly reduce the search parameters and make life much easier.

It could be the difference between a Google search of:

“Personal Trainer Sydney’


‘Weight Loss Personal Trainers near Crows Nest’

One is vague and will produce massive results, the other will bring it right down to your immediate area.

Now with the above taken into account, it is time to begin the search.


To find the right Personal Trainer, there are 4 things to consider.


Qualifications, Up-Skilling and Experience

Honestly, it is not the biggest (or hardest) undertaking to gain a Personal Training qualification, with most private colleges only taking 3-4 months. That is why there are lots of trainers out there, and more graduating each year.

One way to separate them is to find out if they are continually educating and up-skilling themselves. If they are building on their qualifications they are staying up to date on current information. Educating and learning means there is a high chance that they can coach you with relevant training methods and knowledge. It also shows a great passion for their career which is surely someone you would want to connect with right?

You also need to take into account the type of skills and knowledge that they have. There are also a lot of HIGHLY qualified Personal Trainers in the industry. It is important to gain an understanding as to whether or not their qualifications align with your specific training goals.

Things to ask for:

  • What are their qualifications?
  • Are they currently studying?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • What would your process be for someone with a goal of ______?
  • Do you have experience helping people with ______?

Try to ask as many questions as possible when you make initial contact. It serves as a measuring stick as to whether or not they are the person you want to work with.

WARNING: If they are unwilling to part with information regarding their qualifications, insurance or how if they can specifically help you, then this is a red flag.





Personality is one of the biggest factors that comes into play when finding the right Personal Trainer. You must be able to connect and enjoy their presence (you will be spending a fair amount of time with them). If you find the most qualified and experienced trainer possible but are not able to align with your personalities, then it will be incredibly difficult to create a trusting, long lasting and effective ongoing relationship.

How do we find out if they are the right personality fit?

Ask them for a complimentary session so you can meet with them 1 on 1.  This will also allow you to gain an insight into their training methods and ability levels, prior to making a commitment.

Allow for the chance to meet them and get to know them. It means that you can make an assessment on your comfort levels prior to making an ongoing decision.





It is important to ascertain whether or not they are actually good at what they do. If people enjoy the process of training with them it is a fantastic sign!

Please note that reputation is something that builds over time and if you find a trainer who is a little less established that you think would be a good fit, that is perfectly fine.

If however, you are wanting to do a little bit more research and are looking for a trainer with a good reputation there are a few different ways to get some more information:

  • Reviews/Recommendations. Jump on Google or Facebook and see if they have a large amount of reviews or recommendations. These are fantastic. They give great insights into the experience that clients have had and it also shows that they have taken the time to give a review which is an encouraging sign.
  • Ask for case studies. This is a way of determining on their ability to generate a result with their clients. If they are unable to show proof of their programs, it is another red flag. Always check their websites for testimonials so you know that they have a track record of results.




Cost and Availability


At the end of the day, price will always come into play when making a financial decision. Firstly, you will need to know how much you are prepared to pay. You can then compare that to the value that you believe you will receive for your investment.

Would you be better off paying for a Personal Trainer who only offers training sessions? Or is there a trainer that also gives access to group classes, a nutrition plan and/or a gym environment as well?

Factors to consider include:

– Is their service comparable to another trainer who is cheaper?

– Am I getting offered everything that I believe I need in order to succeed?

– Am being asked to sign a long term contract and am I comfortable with that?

– What type of environment am I paying to exercise in? (outdoor, indoor, in a gym, in a studio)

Finding out what you will receive for your investment is paramount to your decision.

Once you have established all of the above, the final step is to find out if they can fit you in to their schedule and that you both have the availability to train on an ongoing basis.

If your preferred training times are unable to be filled then it can be challenging to create and maintain an effective lifestyle and routine.


Finding the right personal trainer can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to the achieving of your health and fitness goal. It is very important to ask the right questions, to do the right research and to make sure that you feel comfortable with the decision that you make. Doing all of the above will greatly improve the chances of your finding the right fit for your ongoing success.

Good luck on the search!


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