Embark on a journey towards a vibrant and healthier you as we delve into essential wellness goals for 2024. We will provide practical tips to make this year your most nourished and fulfilled yet. The Silly Season has officially come to a close and with that comes the opportunity to take on the new Year with open arms.

We may have drunk and ate a bit more than we should have. But we made memories with family and friends that was worth (almost) every extra slice of cheese or shot of tequila!

Read on for 5 tips to get back on track and help you to make 2024 the most nourished, healthiest and happiest you yet!





Chances are you may have replaced water drinking with drinking wine, whiskey and vodka over the Christmas period. The easiest thing you could ever do for your health and wellness is to drink more water!

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help to flush out toxins and rehydrate your system after all the celebrations.

Water also helps to:

  • maintain the balance of bodily fluids
  • aid digestion
  • absorb nutrients and
  • support circulation.


Temperature regulation of water is particularly important in the midst of the Australian summer. We require increased amounts of water to help regulate body temperature through sweating and respiration. My advice is to buy a water bottle that suits you and make it a mission to refill throughout the day.



Incorporate balanced meals


I’ve said it before and ill say it again – the key to reaching any nutritional related goal is going to be ensuring that each of your meals are balanced.

Ensure that each meal has:

  • Lean proteins (chicken/fish/lean beef/ turkey/ tofu/tempeh/ lentils/ eggs/cottage cheese/ greek yoghurt/ whey protein)
  • Complex carbohydrates (wholegrains – brown rice/quinoa/ rolled oats/ whole wheat pasta/ buckwheat, legumes – lentils/ chickpeas/ black or kidney beans/peas, vegetables, fruits and wholegrain products such as wholegrain bread/cereals or wraps)
  • Heathy fats (plant oils/ eggs/ avocado/ nuts/ nut butters/ seeds/ hummus).


This combination helps to stabilise blood sugar levels. It also provides essential nutrients to support health and wellness. Each and every goal can be accomplished by following this protocol for each meal. Although the amount of each food type may be affected by the goals itself/ sex/ age/weight/height/ intolerances etc (your trainer can help you with the best fit for you).



Introduce new foods to your diet


Did you eat lots of mince pies and Ferrero Rocher’s over the holidays? Try not to dwell on it. Why not switch your focus onto all the new variety of foods that you can introduce into your diet as you welcome in a new year? We all become creatures of habit and naturally purchase the same fruit and vegetables in the weekly shop for ease.

For that reason, I have brought on a challenge for myself to add a new fruit or veg in the food shop each week. Having more wholesome foods in each meal will provide you with plenty of vitamins and minerals that are essential for health. It will also help to bulk up your meals and avoid the midnight snacking later on.

Why don’t you give this a go too?



Be Prepared


No matter what your goal is this year – you will likely not get anywhere without being prepared. This could be as simple as knocking out 30 minutes every Sunday to get the weekly food shop completed to stop you from ordering Uber eats on a Monday. Or meal prepping for the entire week ahead and ensuring to hit your macros to a T.

There is nothing worse than not being prepared. Making a food choice you regret, feeling crap for the day, repeating this and giving up on your goals.

My advice is making a list of the meals you will make for the week. Go to the shops on the weekend. Stick to the list and get stuck in – it only takes a minimum of 3 weeks to form a habit.

So why not start today?



Be Patient and Realistic


Whether your wellness goals for 2024 is to:

  • lose 10kgs
  • run a marathon
  • deadlift 100kgs or
  • even just to become the healthiest version of you


None of these are going to happen overnight. Don’t expect immediate changes. Don’t give up if after 2 weeks you have shifted no weight or believe your fitness level has not improved. Resetting your eating habits takes time. The visualisation of these changes can take even longer.

Be patient and focus on progress, not perfection.



In Summary


In conclusion, as we bid farewell to the Silly Season and step into the new year, it’s time to prioritize our health and well-being. These five tips offer a practical roadmap for a nourished, healthier, and happier year. Setting wellness goals for 2024 is a great idea.

By staying hydrated, incorporating balanced meals, introducing new foods, being prepared, and maintaining patience and realism in our goals, we set the foundation for a year of positive change and wellness.

Cheers to making 2024 our best and most vibrant year yet!


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