Are you struggling with fatigue or energy throughout your work day?

Did you know that performing mobility exercises can boost your energy and reduce pain?


Having good mobility provides many great benefits. It places your bones and joints in their correct alignment, allowing the muscles to be used as they’re intended. This then reduces fatigue, providing better energy throughout your day. 

Numerous factors can contribute to poor mobility, including tight or weak muscles, stress, and poor posture. Poor posture and mobility can lead to back pain, breathing problems, and headaches, even impacting your mood. 

If you find yourself stuck behind the desk during the most part of your day, you are more than likely going to run into some mobility issues. Without a deliberate focus on our mobility we leave ourselves open to great discomfort and even pain from being in the same hunched over position all day. 

Common trouble spots for most desk folk are the upper back, hip flexors, and lower back to name a few. These can cause issues in isolation or all at once depending on your day to day posture. Although easy to identify, these problem areas can be challenging to correct. 

Our bodies love movement over being stationary, movement can have a significant impact on both your physical and mental health. And, you can do them all from the comfort of your home or work without changing into gym clothes. Continue reading for our top 5 mobility exercises to help you make the most of your day pain free. 



Our Top Mobility Exercises for the desk warrior

Pigeon Leg Stretch


  1. Perform the pigeon leg stretch by lying on the ground face down, with a mat underneath.
  2. Bring your leg up to hip height with your knee out to the side and heel in line with knee (if mobility allows).
  3. You can then remain upright or lean forward and increase the stretch in your glutes if you wish.
  4. Hold for 30-90 seconds on each side. 


Tips: Try both varieties (upright and leaning) for maximal mobility gains. Keep your hips square to the ground as best you can. You can also do this while sitting in your office chair, place your ankle over your knee, use your elbow to push your knee down, and lean forward providing a stretch in your hip flexor and gluteal region. 


Couch Quad Stretch


  1. Place one knee on the ground with your other leg out front, foot flat on floor
  2. Keep your torso upright and begin to push your hips forward
  3. From here, bring your ankle off the ground holding it in your opposite hand. Or you can use a wall or chair to hold your ankle up, which increases the quadriceps stretch component.
  4. Hold for 30-90 seconds on each side. 


Doorway Chest Stretch


  1. Standing upright, find a corner wall or doorway.
  2. Stand with one leg in front of the other in a split stance. 
  3. Elbows at shoulder height, lean into the corner or doorway.
  4. You should feel a light stretch in your chest, lean further inwards to increase the stretch. 
  5. Hold for 30-90 seconds, repeat for 2-3 sets.


Tips: For long stretches and further benefit, you can use a rolled up towel on the ground. Place the towel vertical along your spine and let your arms relax out in a ‘T’ formation to your sides. Palms remain facing up. This you can hold for 2-3 minutes at a time for a long duration of muscle relaxation. 


Seated Hamstring Stretch


  1. In your office chair, sit on the edge of the chair with one leg out straight (other can be bent foot flat on floor).
  2. From here lean your shoulders forward over your hips
  3. Reach for your toe to increase the stretch. 
  4. Hold for 30-90 seconds on each side. 


Tips: If you have the space, you can also do this on the ground. Sitting upright with one leg out front and the other tucked inward, lean forward to reach your toe for a lower back and hamstring stretch. 


Foam Roller Thoracic Spine Mobility


  1. Using a foam roller, lie on your back placing the foam roller adjacent to your body.
  2. Start with the foam roller placed slightly below your scapula’s. 
  3. From here, hold your head up but cupping your hands behind your head. 
  4. The extend your upper back over the foam roller, keeping your hips on the ground
  5. Repeat for 5 repetitions slowly and controlled. Breathe out as you extend and breathe in as you flex your thoracic spine back up.
  6. You can then repeat this in multiple areas of your spine, moving the foam roller up one vertebrae at a time until you finish at the base of your neck.


Tip: If you do not have access to a foam roller, you can do the same with a large rolled up towel. Not as effective, but still does the trick. Make sure you control your breathing for added benefits and relief of a stiff upper back. 


Perform our top 5 mobility exercises on a daily basis. Holding each stretch for 30-90 seconds, the routine should take no longer than 10 minutes. This will go a long way to helping you feel full of energy and productive throughout your work day.



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