Explore balanced festive indulgence with our holiday season guide, uncovering mindful eating tips for guilt-free celebrations. December is just around the corner and the end of year parties are in full swing. Many people are talking about how to ‘survive’ the holiday season as if the celebrations with loved ones is something to be dreaded. Food is such an important part of how we celebrate, how we share our time with relatives and friends and how we create life lasting memories.

I love a party as much as the next person and I would hate to think that people will deprive themselves of the fun and great food at this time of the year.

Read on for some tips and tricks that you can use to enjoy the parties without that stuffed full feeling over the next few weeks so you can get right back on track in January without feeling like you blew it all!


Tips to creating a balanced festive season without indulgence


Don’t come to the party starving


It is NOT a good idea to not eat for the day and arrive at the evening party with the idea that you have saved all the calories for the event and can eat whatever you want. Chances are you will overeat on easy to digest carbs and alcohol to compensate for the lack of food during the day. Instead make sure to have your regular breakfast and lunch filled with protein and fibrous foods to keep you fuller for longer. Doing this will allow you to feel much more in control and not dive head first into the crisps on arrival!


Practice mindful eating


Take a minute during events and ask yourself ‘do I really feel like eating this?’. This simple question is enough to allow yourself to figure out if you are eating for enjoyment and satisfaction. Or is it to be so full you won’t be able to move when you get home and your stomach will be mad at you for it?

Maybe you would be better off saving it for tomorrow. This question can help to carefully distinguish between what your body really craves this time of year and if you just think you want it.


Choose the food and drink you really love


As mentioned, this is a time of celebration and enjoyment. If you eat the deep-fried cheese and prosecco that was given to you just to be nice – are you really enjoying the celebrations? Grab your red wine and cheddar that you were looking forward to having instead.

Savour the experience of eating good quality foods you love rather than the oily snacks that leave you feeling heavy and bloated afterwards.


Rember that your liver needs a break


Yes, we are all going to enjoy a few drinks over the Christmas period. However, that does not mean we have to drink from Christmas eve until New years day without a break. Be mindful that alcohol contains empty calories, can negatively affect your muscle mass and can lead us to making poor decisions, not to mention the money it will cost!

Consider capping your nights out with a certain number of drinks and taking some alcohol-free days. And don’t forget to stay hydrated!


Stay as active as you can over the Christmas period


Continuing to hit your steps daily by incorporating some family time with a nice beach walk during the day will allow to compensate for those extra glasses of wine afterwards. Luckily here at Authentic Personal Training we will also be providing a 12- days of Christmas workout so no excuses to be sitting down all day watching movies with a box of sweets on your lap.


Remember than Christmas is one day and not 6 weeks!


You probably don’t need to eat a slice of Christmas cake and a glass of mulled wine in November. Try to differentiate between the parties that matter most and the ones that are just happening because there is no work. Your grandmothers Christmas pudding, your best friends mulled wine and your creamy cheesy potatoes are all part of a healthy diet over the Christmas. Allow yourself to indulge when there is a special occasion, and try to stick with everyday habits (high protein, fibrous foods and limited saturated fats) the rest of the time.


In summary

Creating a balanced festive season that allows indulgence can be done. Amidst the holiday buzz, savoring the festivities need not mean regretting overindulgence later. Prioritise mindful eating, enjoy those cherished treats, set alcohol boundaries, stay active, and discern special occasions from routine days to enjoy a balanced, memorable season without weeks of excess. You can do this.


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