Embracing the festive spirit of Easter while mindful of its potential impact on health results, this blog offers insightful tips on maintaining balance between indulgence and well-being during the holiday season. Easter is upon us, meaning that the shelves are stocked up with hot cross buns and the eye catching easter eggs. There are eye grabbing products demanding our attention on every aisle.

Facebook and TikTok are providing you with many delicious creamy recipes to impress your family with this Easter and you want to try them all!

Of course, the long weekend is here to be enjoyed. However there are some tips you can take on board to not allow it to throw all your hard work in 2024 out the window!



Don’t sacrifice every meal for the goodies


If you are anything like me and decided to give up sweet’s crisps and chocolate for lent, I would say you are just as excited for easter as I am! Am I going to pig out and have sweets crisps and chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner on Easter Sunday? Absolutely not. That would defeat why I did it in the first place.

Of the 3 foods, chocolate is what I value the most. I will go about my high protein and fibre breakfast and lunch, and then dip a mini egg easter egg into a cup of tea as my post dinner treat and I will appreciate every bite.



Practice mindful eating


Often at Easter, we celebrate with big meals with our friends and families. These meals often are accompanied with each family member bringing various desserts. Instead of grabbing everything you see and feeling uncomfortably full for the evening – practice your mindful eating. Take a minute during events and ask yourself ‘do I really feel like eating this’?

This simple question is enough to allow yourself to figure out if you are eating for enjoyment and satisfaction. Never feel guilty for not trying everything.



Add in some physical activity


Easter is often a time where we catch up with friends and family. Continuing to hit your steps daily by incorporating some family time with a nice beach walk or team workout during the day will allow to compensate for those extra few chocolates afterwards. Why not refocus get some friends or family outdoors this Easter and ensure our health and results aren’t compromised by all the food?



Don’t overdo the alcohol


As with every holiday that results in a couple of days off work, it can be hard to resist a couple of well-earned drinks. Be mindful that alcohol contains empty calories, can negatively affect your muscle mass and can lead us to making poor decisions, not to mention the money it costs.

Considering capping your nights out with a certain number of drinks, or sticking to one drink for the night. And don’t forget to stay hydrated!



Don’t be too hard on yourself


Some memories with family need to be cherished! Be mindful of the above points however at the end of the day, Easter is only one long weekend. Luckily, here at Authentic Personal Training, our ‘Transform in 28’ challenge will be commencing the week after easter – absolutely no excuses to enjoy the celebrations and then get yourself straight back on track after.



Easter Health Results In summary


Maintaining a healthy balance during Easter festivities making sure you don’t compromise your results should be the aim of the game! This week, practice mindful eating and incorporating physical activity. Practice moderation with indulgences like chocolate and alcohol while promoting self-compassion amidst holiday celebrations. Don’t forget to join our post-easter challenge to start April in style!


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