Let’s talk about boredom eating as we delve into its impact and present actionable advice to help you regain control over your eating habits in our latest blog. Are you somebody who finds yourself in and out of the kitchen every hour waiting for ‘something nice’ to appear when your bored? Boredom eating is a common eating pattern that people struggle with. In fact, it often hinders them from reaching their goals. This blog will delve into what boredom eating is and provide tips on how to avoid eating when you are bored.

Boredom eating is incredibly common and happens to most people at some period of their life. Back in university I found myself boredom eating a lot when I would come home from a lecture. I would do anything but start that assignment! Boredom eating has become more prevalent in the past few years. Many people have moved from daily office life to working from home. This means having more access to snacks, and less to set lunch break schedules.

Boredom eating is not always a bad thing. It is important to be aware of what you are doing and not letting it stop you from reaching your goals. Often people turn to boredom eating when dealing with stress or anxiety, or to suppress a bad mood.



Tips to stop boredom eating


Make sure you are eating enough though out the day.


Sometimes, boredom eating is mistaken for actual hunger and this is what causes concentration and fatigue. The best way to avoid hunger is to ensure that all your meals are balanced with a lean protein source, starchy carbs, healthy fat and fibre.


If you are hungry – eat something satisfying


How many times have you gone to the cupboard, picked up a biscuit or a cracker and 10 minutes later went back to get another one? This is because that food did not satisfy you.

As I mentioned before, protein and fibre are you best friend for satiating foods. Some greek yoghurt and fruit with some added seeds will give you much more satisfaction that a fast-releasing sugary biscuit.


Identify triggers


Figure out when you are most likely to boredom eat. Is it the mid-morning slump? Returning home from a stressful day? Just before bedtime? Let’s then have a think about ways we can avoid it.

Replacing food with fluids may be useful, zero sugar drinks, coffee, tea or our good friend H20 can help to fill a gap until our next big meal. Get up and get some steps in instead. If you want some energy, try going outside and getting some fresh air and steps in instead.

Or if you are coming home from work and finding it a habit to reach for the cheese and crackers – substitute this snack for something that will fill you more that you are less likely to overeat such as carrots and hummus.


Establish a routine + practice mindful eating


Try to set regular meal times and stick to them. Having structured eating scheduled may reduce to eat at random times. When you do eat, practice mindful eating and pay full attention to what you are eating or drinking. Eat slowly and savour your food! This practice can help you to recognize when you are truly hungry and when you are not.



In summary


This blog addresses the common issue of boredom eating, offering insights into its prevalence and tips for overcoming it. It emphasises the importance of mindful eating, establishing routines, and understanding triggers to avoid unnecessary snacking and maintain healthier habits.


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