Holly and Paul have been friends of mine for a few years, first meeting at our cricket club. I had always been on their case about taking control of their health and fitness, but the big change happened when I opened up my studio at the start of this year. After a few conversations and studio visits, they decided that it was time to take control, and they have never looked back. They are a classic example of what we call a real weight loss result, something that can not only be achieved, but also maintained for the rest of their lives.


Holly had always been relatively active and was involved with hockey for a long time, but weight had been a struggle. Throughout 2015 Holly committed herself to a new nutritional understanding and over the course of the year lost an amazing 20kgs. With more to lose and a desire to not only support her husband, but also to gain a better understanding of food and exercise, Holly committed to a coaching program in the studio.














Paul needed to lose about 30kgs when he first came in to the studio. Years ago he used to be a marathon runner, but due to injury he had stopped running. Combining injury with his ‘social’ aspect of life, the weight crept on. Whilst he new he needed to make a change, it wasn’t until he finally accepted my suggestion that there was no perfect time to start, that he committed to a coaching plan.

22 February 2016

This was the date that Holly and Paul sat down with me and we mapped everything out. We did measurements; photos, health and physical check-ups, but more importantly we set some tough, but motivating goals. We broke down their targets into short, medium, and long-term targets. Breaking down big goals like this is crucial to success. We came out of that session with a really strong understanding of what we wanted to achieve, how we were going to go about it and what we all expected from each other in the process.










The first 4 weeks

The first 4 weeks are crucial to the ongoing success of the lifestyle change, it is when you develop the habits and understanding required. This is exactly what they did. During the first 4 weeks, Holly and Paul committed to a regular exercise program, re-educated themselves with nutrition, held themselves accountable to nutritional goals, and accepted their conscious decision to commit to the program. The first 4 weeks are not always about an immediate result, it is about getting the foundations down so that you can use them as a platform for success down the track. They did however, get some pretty fantastic results.

Holly lost 2.6kgs and 13.5cms

Paul lost 4.5kgs and 21.5cms

The next 3 months

This period was about ensuring that they stayed on track with their commitments each week. We did a weekly weigh in to keep them accountable to their goals, but more importantly, each week we focused on something new to achieve with their nutrition to try and keep it exciting. This ranged from new recipes to educational seminars, all of which are designed to show that a lifestyle change is something very achievable, and if done correctly, removes any risk of the ‘rollercoaster’ ride that so many people experience with their health and fitness.

Paul rediscovered his love for fitness, he made the decision to come in each lunchtime to do his own cardio, to not only accelerate his results, but to also keep pushing and challenging himself on personal targets that he set.

Holly’s fitness levels went through the roof, she began running on the treadmill, getting faster and stronger in hockey, and developed a never give up attitude towards any exercise thrown her way.





Holly and Paul both worked incredibly hard on their food, finding balance between work and social life as well as the ongoing commitment and motivation to achieving their goals.

We changed their program, as well as doing measurements every 4 weeks. This enabled not only a really high level of accountability towards their goals, but it also meant that every 4 weeks their body was getting new movements and new exercises for the muscles to adapt to. This means we greatly reduced any chance of a plateau and also ensured the result would be achieved.

14th June 2016 – Initial Goal – Overseas Holiday

On the 14th of June, we did a final weigh in and measurement for their initial goals that we set nearly 4 months earlier. Their initial goals were all centered around this holiday that they were going on and they absolutely smashed them.



Holly lost a total of 10.9kgs and 39.5cms, as well as being able to do 10 ‘male’ push-ups.

Paul lost a total of 14kgs and 39cms, as well as rowing 10kms in 40 minutes.

This is a MASSIVE result to achieve in 4 months, but when you break it down in to weekly targets is completely achievable.

It is also very important to note that during the first 4 months, they never had an absolutely ‘perfect’ week of food, they still enjoyed the occasional drink, their social life was never compromised and they never felt like they were making major sacrifices in order to achieve their goal. That is a real result.

The future

Holly and Paul are still absolutely committed to achieving their overall health and fitness goal.

Paul wants to lose another 20kgs, as well as continue to improve on his rowing ability

Holly wants to lose another 15kgs, start competing in running events

Most importantly, they want to ensure that all of these amazing results are going to last the rest of their lives’, and at the end of the day, that is what it is all about.

Are you looking to achieve a real weight loss result like this?? We would love to help you on your journey.

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