Dive into our guide on nutrition and weight loss, unlocking the keys to a healthier, more confident you in 2024. With Australia Day finished and the kids back in school from this week, there are officially NO more excuses to getting back on track with your nutrition. In this weeks blog we are going to strip back to basics and I will share my top tips on how you can help yourself to feel your healthiest and most confident self yet as we officially press reset.

Here is to making 2024 excuse free!



Stop with the fad diets


It is a shame that nutrition and weight loss always leads to a ‘diet’ of some source as being the only answer. There is no ‘optimal diet’ out there, they are all just another way to create a calorie deficit. The best one is one that YOU can stick to easily. A handy tool you can use to control your calories without counting is the plate rule previously advised by the American Diabetes Committee.


Half of your plate should have lots of colour.


The more colour = the biggest array of vitamins and minerals = the healthier your body. The variety of colour can be found in an array of fruits and vegetables and it is also recommended that you regularly switch them up to get even more variety of the essential vitamins and minerals. Generally, these contain little calories and the idea between having half a plate of goodness is also to stop you from overeating the calorie heavy foods!


One quarter of the plate at least should contain a lean protein source.


This may be Whey protein or Greek yoghurt at breakfast. Things such as chicken breast, turkey breast, lean mince, tofu, tempeh or fish at lunch or dinner. Getting a good source of protein in at each meal is advised both for maintaining muscle mass. Also the satiating affects of protein will keep you fuller for longer and less likely to snack following your main meals.

The last main quarter is advised to be made up of starchy carbs.


Wholemeal is best advised as it will contain more fibre which has general health benefits. These include allowing for healthy bowels, protecting against many diseases and also producing satiating affects which will also keep you full.

This can be in the form of rice, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oats, or quinoa to name a few. Eating these will give you long lasting energy that will keep you going until your next meal. And guess what? You CAN eat the same carb more than once in a day. You want a bagel for breakfast and lunch? Once you follow the rest of these guidelines why not!


Finally, we don’t want to neglect our healthy fats.


These are especially important for women, to keep the hormones in order. Diets too low in healthy fats may result in reproductive system issues. Cooking with oils such as olive or rapeseed, including 2 portions of oily fish a week are some good tips. Adding things such as avocados, nuts or seeds to each meal can help with hitting these targets. At least a thumb size of fats is advised with each meal!

My favourite thing about this approach to nutrition is that it can be practiced for each meal anywhere you go! If you are eating out, ask yourself does the meal contain each of these things. At most you may have to add chicken or opt for rice instead of chips but you can still enjoy a meal out!



Drink more water


I’ve said it before and ill say it again – the simplest way that you can better your health today is to simply drink more water. Water is vital for various bodily functions. Nutrition, weight loss and water consumption all go hand in hand.

These include:

  • digestion
  • nutrient absorption
  • and the transportation of oxygen and other essential substances throughout the body.


When you are physically active (especially in a hot environment as humid as the current Sydney summer), the body is prone to losing water through sweat to regulate its temperature. Replacing lost fluid through proper hydration is essential to prevent dehydration which may cause fatigue, headaches, and negatively impact your recovery post exercise.

Proper hydration also helps to maintain joint health by reducing joint pain and stiffness. It helps you to maintain optimal mental performance, aids the flushing of waste products from the body through urine and works to produce healthier and more vibrant skin.

As well as this it will also help you in your weight loss journey by supporting metabolism which will improve the body’s ability to break down and utilize nutrients from food more effectively. Increasing your water intake and drinking water before meals can help to create a feeling of fullness and may reduce the number of calories consumed during a meal.

Additionally, the body often mistakes thirst from hunger which leads to unnecessary calorie consumption. So, they next time you feel hunger – try some water first and see how proper hydration can help to manage your appetite.



Limit added sugars and processed foods


The key to success for any weight loss journey is to enjoy everything in moderation and avoid cutting anything out of your diet completely. However, if this is the year that your truly want to lose some weight – you need to acknowledge that you will have to make some sacrifices.

Is chocolate your guilty pleasure? Instead of opening a share bar of Cadburys in the evening opt for a treat sized chocolate such as a freddo or caramello koala bar. You still get to enjoy it and keep on track!

If you enjoy regular snacking, make it an opportunity to add some colour such as freshly chopped veg and some healthy fats such as hummus, guac or peanuts!

Going to the cinema? Enjoy some cobbs 90kcal popcorn with treat sized m and m’s and save all the added butter and salt that has been added.

Enjoy sugar free drinks and opt for clear spirits and soda water when going out to stay on track!

You can still do the things you love in a deficit with some mindfulness and preparation beforehand.


In summary


In conclusion, if you are looking for weight loss, it’s time to embrace a nutrition reset for a healthier and more confident self in 2024. This blog advocates for ditching fad diets and adopting a balanced approach. It emphasises the plate rule with vibrant fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, starchy carbs, and essential healthy fats.

Additionally, the importance of proper hydration and the need to limit added sugars and processed foods are highlighted, encouraging moderation and mindful choices to achieve sustainable weight loss goals.

Here’s to a year of excuse-free, mindful nutrition!


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