Not many people are aware that music can be used to help get you sensational results at the gym. Now, music can’t physically get you out of bed or pull your car into the gym car park on your way home from work. But it may just be the extra motivational tool you’ve been craving.

We all know how much our favourite tunes can make our workout more enjoyable. There is also a lot more to the beat than just your uncontrollable impulse to head nod like no-one’s watching. 


Music can help you with:


  • A greater sense of motivation towards your workout routine
  • Help manage fatigue as it distracts you from the temporary discomfort of training
  • Push you to perform your best and get that new PR (personal record)
  • Encourage you to keep going and stick with your fitness journey.


Have you ever wondered why you just can’t help but break into a dance or tap your feet when you hear your favourite hits coming through the speakers? This is because music increases stimulation between our auditory neurons and motor neurons. It makes us feel the urge to move our body more. Complimenting this extra physical activity, as you move to the rhythm of your favourite beat, you will also be improving your motor coordination whilst simultaneously boosting your self confidence. It is a win win!


So, with all the wonders that music can bring us, read on for useful tips in ways which music can help you achieve sensational results in the gym.





Use music to improve your performance.


To hit those extra kilos on the bar or break that personal best on your run takes a certain level of focus, determination, and motivation. Fortunately, with some tantalising tunes you can get an extra boost to help you to hit your peak. So, when the time comes and you need to perform your best lift, press play on that classy banger that elevates your mindset to workout warrior and get after it. 



Use music to set the pace.


This one’s for those runners and sun walkers out there. You don’t always need to be in the gym for music to have a positive effect on your results. With joggers on and headphones in, a steady rhythm can do wonders for your continued endurance in longer bouts of exercise. The trick is to pick songs that closely match a beat with your movement tempo.

This is where you can get creative. Make a long playlist to get you through the extended grind and press onward. Maintaining a consistent pace in endurance exercise will help utilise energy more efficiently. Music can be a great regulator, dictating the pace throughout. 



Use music to aid your recovery.


As you increase your speed and tempo to the fast paced songs during your next H.I.I.T class, you can also slow your heart rate right down with an easy-going classic (ie. slow song). This is why almost all mobility style classes or cool down periods in workouts are performed to slow and steady music.

High energy induces greater muscle tension and increases nerve stimulation. So to aid in your recovery slow the beat down. Let your muscles relax and unwind. Perhaps sounds of nature are more your thing, each to their own there are no judgements here.

Whatever you choose, just be sure to take a deep breath. Enjoy taking the time to recover. This is just as important as high calorie burning in getting lasting results.



Use music to alleviate pain and fatigue.


Music can serve as a welcome distraction to the present uncomfortable sensations of strenuous exercise. As your Personal Trainer commands you to “get out of your comfort zone”, your mind will no doubt welcome any alleviation of pain it can get. Music we enjoy listening to, releases dopamine in the brain.

This is the same chemical reaction that occurs when we participate in rewarding activities, eat our favourite foods, and break personal records on the gym floor. So next time that familiar muscle burning sensation kicks in during exercise, switch to your all time favourite playlist to help alleviate your fatigue and pains. 



Use music to stay committed.


A bit of planning and preparation for the week ahead can go a long way to you actually achieving the things you set yourself out to do. You can use this same strategy to plan your playlists for the week ahead. To help motivate you, get you excited to smash that next workout knowing it is paired with your favourite hits.

The act of planning your workout playlist alone puts greater value to your upcoming workouts. Having spent the time selecting and shuffling through songs, it will leave you less likely to want all of that effort to go to waste. So make your playlist work for you this week and let the music move you. 



Let the music move you.


With this knowledge, and your playlist ready to go, your next workout is sure to be a hit. Let the bass drop you a new PR, your muscles relax and unwind to a slow symphony, and the grates gift you with unwavering commitment you’ve been striving for. 

Music can be another useful tool to help keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey. With never ending hit after hit topping the charts each week, there is always something new and exciting we can discover that can get our mindset switched to go. Allowing our bodies to be prepared for success. Let the music move you into a new you this winter.



We would love to hear from you…


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